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Genealogic is run by Emma Jolly, a professional genealogist, writer and historical researcher.

Emma obtained a BA (Hons) in Intellectu
al History from the University of Sussex in 2000 www.sussex.ac.uk and the IHGS Higher Certificate in Genealogy in 2006 www.ihgs.ac.uk

Emma writes regularly for family history publications, and is the author of four books, My Ancestor was a Woman at War (2014), Tracing Your Ancestors Using the Census (2013), Tracing Your British Indian Ancestors (2012) and Family History for Kids (2007). For full details of Emma's writing, see the Books page and Articles and Blogs.

Besides writing, Emma's media work includes research for IWC Media http://www.iwcmedia.co.uk/, the Daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk, Michael Palin, and Dragonfly Productions  http://www.dragonfly.tv/

is an active member of the Society of Genealogists
FIBIS http://www.new.fibis.org/ and London Historians http://www.londonhistorians.org/ Emma is also a member of the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives http://www.agra.org.uk/ and is on the recommended researchers list for the India Office Records at the British Library www.bl.uk

Emma specializes in genealogy problem-solving, London history, social history, women's history and the British in India.
Genealogic has a network of research contacts in other areas of the UK and abroad. These include:

Ros Bott

Professional genealogist in the Warwickshire area

Madeleine Dickens
For family or house history research in East or West Sussex, contact Madeleine Dickens www.pastgenerations.co.uk
Fully qualified, experienced genealogist, with fluent French and German. Reasonable rates.

Simon Fowler
http://www.history-man.co.uk/ Simon is a former archivist at The National Archives and specializes in military research, political history and publicans.

Celia Heritage
Kent genealogy and general family history lectures

Luke Mouland
Professional genealogist and historical researcher based in Dorset

Chris Paton

www.ScotlandsGreatestStory.co.uk Scotland's Greatest Story - Scottish and Irish research
British Genealogy News and Events

Jayne Stevenson
Genealogist and historical researcher based in Lancashire. Covers Cumbria, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

Lorraine Stewart
Kincardinshire Ancestors in based in Stonehaven, near Aberdeen. Lorraine has a particular interest in assisting those who wish to research their Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire ancestors for which her knowledge of local places and records is invaluable

Geoff Swinfield Genealogical Services
GSGS is based in London and offers a full range of research services, including probate research and tracing missing people.

Kirsty Wilkinson
http://www.myainfolk.com/Home.html Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, My Ain Folk is ideally situated for visiting the major Scottish archives, libraries and record repositories. 


Judy Webster

Genealogical researcher, indexer, publisher and speaker specialising in Queensland State Archives records


Marie Cappart
Tri-lingual genealogist, specializing in Belgian, Dutch and French records.

Genealogy storage files and related products

Family Tree Folk

Provides magnifiers for genealogy, plus acid free archival supplies for preserving and storing valuable documents, certificates or memorabilia collected in the course of family history research.


Here is a selection of testimonials from Genealogic's satisfied clients. We are always happy to receive your comments or suggestions.

Claire McLeod: " I would like to say a big thank you to Emma Jolly for her assistance in my family history project. Her friendly and expert advice has given me a much needed 'leg up' over the brick wall that I had run into. Not only has Emma completed the work we agreed on at the start, she has also offered valuable insights and suggestions which will no doubt take my family history into a new direction that I simply would not have realised without her. I will, without a doubt, come straight to Emma again the next time I need some professional help."

Matthew Schliesman, Los Angeles, California:"Emma Jolly has been a very helpful and positive resource for me in the pursuit of some
hard-to-find information on several colorful and elusive ancestors.  Not only is she quite
skilled at this sort of thing, but she has taken a genuine interest in my project, making me
feel as if I have a vested partner “across the pond.”  Also, she has referred me to two
other researchers, one in
Washington, DC and one in Australia, who are now providing
me some additional support in these countries.  Our work continues for the time-being
and I look forward to her future discoveries.

LC, Bedfordshire: "Thank you so much for all your efforts. It seems to me to be amazing that you found out all that stuff in such a short time.  My only regret is that I did not pursue this to fruition years ago. 
I am very grateful, and if you ever need a reference or anything please do not hesitate to contact me."

WD, Canada:
"I would just like to say, how grateful I am to ejgenealogic@googlemail.comfor her recent research work on my deceased family from England. I am naive to this study and a beginner at the computer, but with her  assistance I accomplished my goals.  This info. I recieved from Emma, if not found by me, through her, and handed over to my heirs, would be gone forever.  It is an unbelievable task to take on without professional help, ergo, a sincere thanks, Emma.  All the Best from Canada. "

AB, Australia
"I had been searching for my late grandfather's family and birth records for more  than 4 years with no luck. Emma managed to find him and his family within 1 hour of research! They had changed their surname so it was virtually impossible for me to have known that or to trace them with the resources I had available to me. Thank you so much, Emma - your services were outstanding and very reasonably priced. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone that needs them."

Barry O’Dwyer, Amsterdam: "Emma is not just another genealogical researcher;  she is a highly intelligent  genealogical researcher. When searching the British Library for details of my late
father and his family, who, it turned out, had all been born and raised in India for several generations (I had no idea), Emma used a certain savvy in the way she went about her file digging. This makes a vital difference; not only is a good feel for where to look a great time saver, but it can prove the difference between success and failure – finding the document being sought, or not.
I found Emma’s charges very reasonable, and I had absolute conviction that she used to maximum effect every minute she allotted to research on my behalf. Well done, Emma!"

Mr & Mrs SB, Sussex: "You have exceeded our expectations and we are absolutely thrilled with the work
 you have done on our behalf."

BW, Oxford: "I am absolutely delighted with all the information that you have found for me. . . It had taken me a great deal of time to find the correct person, working on the problem for about five years! I was not positive even then that I had the correct one! Your research has I believe, proven that I have the correct lady. The information that you found is complete, I had my doubts whether the information existed and even if it did, I was surprised that the LMA would let you view the records. Thank you very very much for carrying out this research for me, you have done a wonderful job."

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